Spinning new adventures into my routine

Have you tried spinning? Not the kind your head does when you’re stressed out, the kind on a stationary bike.

Okay, bad joke, but I’m in my 30s so I can make them.

There is a comfort in having a routine. I love it; it gives me stability. My wife can hate that I love it, but that’s why she’s perfect for me, she helps me throw off my routine for new and exciting adventures. Adventures are what keep us young and thriving.

Here is what I did on Memorial Day: I woke up with my wife and decided to try a spin class for the first time, ever. My initial takeaway – my weightlifting allowed my legs muscles to keep up, but my lack of cardiovascular endurance really crushed me.

Our instructor (Emily B) was great. She helped me set up the bike and explained a little of what to expect. I appreciated it, she was thorough, but not overbearing. Most importantly, even though it was hard work, it was FUN.

You can definitely do this at your own pace, but the tricky thing is getting your functional threshold power (FTP) accurate. There is no way to know without trial and error. I set mine too high, which made things a bit more difficult to keep up.

My lesson: Go, and go frequently. There is nothing quite like it, and I am so happy I gave it a shot. These are the type of classes that can make you feel invincible – but be prepared for some seat soreness the next day.

Spinning, like all types of exercise, allow you to challenge yourself. But unlike lifting weights, which can be intimidating for some folks when they see others preforming at a high level, only you know what setting you’re on, so there is no shame in being a beginner. Look, I was bad, probably embarrassingly so, but let that be a motivator to you – just know you won’t be as bad as I was. Then again, when you are pushing yourself, there’s no such thing as bad, only a baseline.

I encourage you to try it. I’ll be back again on Sunday, God willing.

Be well everyone and Fight On!

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