My little mission: accomplished

Alright folks, I have a confession to make. In my adult life, I don’t think I’ve ever had a blood test done. I’m terrified of needles; I hate getting shots, but I can usually tough out a quick injection in the shoulder. A blood draw, that’s been a giant obstacle for me.

That is until today.

Here is the proof everyone

I bit the bullet and did it. I was very lucky to have a great compassionate nurse and doctor to help me through it.

The thing is this, after today’s experience, I feel a bit invincible. Getting a blood draw was single-handedly the most challenging thing I have had to overcome. It may sound really strange to many, but for YEARS I have declined the procedure (if you can call it that) when I would have my annual exam.

This is all to say this, we all have little things that seem like mountains to overcome, and even if it seems like not such a big deal to others (flying, riding a roller coaster, or petting a dog), those fears and anxieties can seem debilitating when you are put in that situation. You don’t need to be ashamed of it, I know I was for a long time, as coworkers and relatives would roll their eyes at my terror.

Even if it’s nothing to you (or maybe you feel the same way I do about getting a blood test), I am very proud of this achievement today.

This is just one challenge checked off the list of things to do – now time to move onto the next.

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