CA moderates should rally behind one candidate: Chiang or Villaraigosa

Today the LA Times published the latest poll in a tight race for second place in the June Primary for California governor – Villaraigosa and Cox are within the margin of error.  If you are a supporter of any of the other Democratic candidates, say John Chiang or Delaine Eastin, but are not a supporter of Gavin Newsom, this puts you in a bit of a

As a moderate voter in California, it seems there are really only two candidates that seem palatable: Chiang and Villaraigosa.

The latest poll would seem to push moderates into a certain direction; however, there are still a very substantial number of undecided voters out there that could easily sway the results at this point. With only a few days to go until the election, it’s a bit surprising so many are left unsure.

I look forward to the results, and depending on the outcome, November could be a very simple decision or very difficult.

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